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Jane By Design
#1 Community For The TV Show
Trailer & Community Rules & Page-A-Mod 
12th-Jan-2012 01:03 am

Community Rules
1. This is a members only community. Join to read entries

2. Keep posts on topic. You may discuss the actors respectfully in this community.

3. All posts must have a subject line and tags.

4. Do not share download links outside the community.

5. Icon posts are allowed. Your post must contain at least 6 icons from the show.

6. Do not fake cut news articles/interviews/etc to your LJ or another website. Paste the info here with a source link.

7. Anything larger than 450 px goes under a cut.

8. Spoilers go under a cut.

9. Do not bash fellow members.

10. Post fanfiction only related to the characters of Jane By Design. Crossovers are allowed, use appropriate tags. No fiction about the actors (RPF) is allowed here. Please tag your post with a pairing tag (if applicable). All fanfiction rated NC-17 must be locked and under a cut. Use the following header for your stories:

You may also use this entry to Page-A-Mod with any of your questions and/or comments.
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